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Benalla Standard - 12 August 1913



 A public meeting was held in the Molyullah public hall on Saturday last.  Mr. A. Macdonald being in the chair.  There was a fair attendance, some sixteen gentlemen being present.   The chairman briefly stated the object of the meeting, which was called for the purpose of discussing telephone communication from Benalla to Molyullah and Upper Ryan’s Creek receiving offices, and to receive correspondence from Mr. Ahern, M.P. Mr. S.S. McFadzean was appointed secretary.  Mr. Jas. Holden, the convener of the meeting, said that he had received certain communications from Mr. Ahern, M.P., and he thought it was best to call a public meeting and lay the matter before the public.  He considered that if telephone communication were established between Benalla and this district it would certainly be a boon to the residents, and that as he had always had the desire to see the district progress, he was always ready to assist with money or otherwise.  He was now prepared to give his cheque for 30 towards this movement.  Mr. G. Herring also spoke at some length on the matter, and thought that steps should be taken to hold a meeting at Lurg with a view of getting them to co-operate with Molyullah.   Messrs. T. Sumner, J. Payne, W. Ginnivan, W. Heywood, and W. Tremayne also spoke in favor of the matter.
After some further discussion the following resolutions were put to the meeting and carried unanimously:-
That the residents of this district desire telephone communication from Benalla to Molyullah and Upper Ryan’s Creek receiving offices.  That the sum of 120 6/3, as required by the department be raised by subscription.  That the secretary write to the department, asking if anyone along the route could have a private wire if the line were erected on trees and poles.
That the secretary write to the department, asking that an officer be sent up to report, as the route had been slightly altered.
 A subscription list was opened in the room, and over L50 was collected.  It was decided that Messrs. W. Heywood, G. Herring, J. Holden, and W. Ginnivan be appointed to collect.
The following were then nominated to act as a committee, with power to add to their number :- Messrs. Holden, Herring, McFadzean, Ginnivan, Sumner, Payne, Heywood, Ryan, Bamford, Blackburne, and A. MacDonald.  All the gentlemen nominated with the exception of Mr. Blackburne.

Benalla Standard - 13 April 1917

"Molyullah  Sports

The sports at Molyullah on Easter Monday were well attended considering the unsettled state of the weather.  About 17 was taken at the gates, and 8 at the dance at night.  It is expected about 20 will be the amount of profit to be handed to the British Red Cross funds.  The ladies of the district provided the refreshments for the dance and also undertook the refreshment booth during the day, the profits from this going into the sports account, and it proved a decided success both financially and from a patron’s point of view.  The horse and pedestrian events were well contested, the largest entry being 13 for the Handicap Trot, several others being close up.  The following were the prize-winners:-
Tilting at the Ring
– H. Ryan 1, W. Ryan and J. Murphy (divided) 2.
Local Maiden Leg Chop - B. Brown 1, T. Barnett 2.

Local Bicycle Race - H. Westwood 1, J. Elliott 2

Sheffield Handicap - D.J. Nolan 1, S. J. Smith 2

Open Hunters - D. W. Heaney’s Baron and L. Wallace’s Queenie divided

Pony Hunters - D. W. Heaney’s Alice and L. Wallace’s Queenie divided

Breaking Eggs - H. Sumner

Novelty Pony Race - Jackson’s Melba 1, J. Lych’s Cow Boy 2
Hack Race - J. Green’s Molyalla 1, G. Griffiths’ Rung In 2

Handicap Trot - C. Waters’ Harold Boy 1, C. Lees’ Clariaco 2

260 Yards Handicap - D. J. Nolan 1, T. J. Nolan 2

Ladies' Driving - Miss Asbury and Mrs. A. Bamford divided
Girls under 6 - M. Heywood 1, I. Ginnivan 2, V. Dosser 3

Boys under 8 - A. Brooker 1, F. Ginnivan 2, R. Redding 3

Girls under 8 - E.
Dosser 1, M. Ginnivan 2,
Boys under 10 - J. Lynch 1, R. Lee 2, A. Rogash 3

Boys under 12 - H. Dosser 1, L. Bell 2, V. Gardiner 3

Girls under 12 - M. Sumner 1, D. Varcoe 2, M. Egan 3

Boys under 14 - F. Plant 1, R. Lee 2

Girls under 14 - V. Egan 1, D. Varcoe 2, M. Egan 3

Boys' Race, 200 yds - L. Bell 1, F. Plant 2, R. Lee 3
District News:  21 October 2016 Mobile Tower commissioned at Tatong.
Molyullah and Upper Ryan's Creek in 2017....