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The Hall is available for hire for all kinds of events and gatherings.

Please ring the Secretary for further details.
Molyullah Secretary

Bronwyn Forman
Ph:  03 5766 6238

26 January 2017
Australia Day Breakfast and Celebrations
17 April 2017

Molyullah Tatong Tree & Land Protection Group meetings

Molyullah Sports sub-committee meetings

CFA Meetings, Training and Firefighting Staging Area

Table Tennis & Billiards

        Card Evenings
Monday March 27, 2017 at 8:00 PM
Molyullah Public Hall & Recreation Reserve Committee of Management Meeting

      Monday May 29, 2017 at 7:30 PM       Molyullah Easter Sports - Needs your Help!
     Monday June 5, 2017 at 7:30 PM
       CFA AGM and presentation of Long Service Medals
      Friday June 9, 2017       Games Night 

        The Molyullah Hall History...

Benalla Standard - 10 July 1900
"Public Meeting
A PUBLIC MEETING will be held in the

SATURDAY evening, 14th JULY.

Business: to consider the advisability of
erecting a Public Hall at Molyullah,
and discuss all questions relating to same.

Chair to be taken at 8 p.m.



Benalla Standard - 14 June 1901
The trustees of the proposed public hall are to be commended for losing no time.  It was only the other day the site was surveyed out of the Molyullah public park, and the sawn timber is now on the ground. Plans and specifications have already been prepared, and it is understood that tenders will be called at an early date for the erection of a hall, which will supply a long-felt want.  The State-school, though always kindly placed at the disposal of the public for any bona-fide purposes, is far too small for entertainments."

Benalla Standard - 20 December 1901
The contractor for the new Public hall has now nearly completed his work, and the building is to be opened
on New Year's night."

Benalla Standard - 2 August 1945
War Memorial Proposal
Hall Committee’s Progressive Move

At the annual meeting of the Molyullah Hall committee held on Monday night, it was decided that their war memorial would take the form of a new hall.  This is a very commendable move, worthy of the support of the whole district.

There was a very large attendance, with the President (Mr. Roy Hill) in the chair.  A balance sheet submitted by the treasurer revealed a most satisfactory credit balance.

The retiring officers – Mr. Roy Hill president, Cr. H. C. Payne vice president, and Mr. H. Westwood secretary and treasurer and collector – were all re-elected.

The President struck a popular note when he suggested that the committee consider the erection of a new hall as Molyullah district’s war memorial.  The existing building, which has done good service for a long period of years.  Mr. Hill said, was now not only too small for requirements, but the conveniences were quite out of date.  He thought there would be no difficulty in financing the erection of a new hall, and it would be a very nice gesture on the part of the residents to make it their war memorial effort.

Mr. Hill outlined a plan to finance the building, which met with general approval, and on the motion of the President, seconded by Cr. Payne, it was decided that a new hall be erected as the district’s memorial.  The scheme will be fully discussed at the next meeting of the committee, at which all residents will be invited to attend.

During the meeting the President referred to the death of two of their well known residents in Mr. Fred Wallace and Mr. William Westwood, which had occurred since their last annual meeting.  He referred to the unselfish services of Mr. Westwood, who had been master of ceremonies for practically all the dances held in Molyullah Hall up to the time of his leaving the district four years ago.  Sympathy was expressed with the relatives of both deceased."