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   Molyullah Upper Ryan's Creek Heritage

Heritage Committee

Terry Ring
(03) 5766 6356

Vice President
Geoff Lee
(03) 5766 6296

Bill Willett
0429 947 696

Vickie Dosser
(03) 5766 6305

The Molyullah Upper Ryan’s Creek Heritage is a newly formed group in the area dedicated to preserving the region's history.

To date, it has concentrated on researching the various heritage sites in the district and erecting signage to indicate the former sites.

It is currently in the process of erecting an information shelter at the Molyullah Hall, complete with a map of the area showing the different locations of known sites.  Up to 20 sites have been located and so far 6 sites have been signposted with heritage signs.

As further funding is obtained, we will increase the number of signposted sites accordingly.

If you know of a particular site of interest, please get in touch with one of the committee so we can discuss the situation and recognise the site if possible.