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    The Harry Ferguson Tractor Club - by Geoff Lee

The Molyullah Easter Sports is well known for a terrific family day out with horse events, novelty events, tractor display and tractor pull.   This is a wonderful day for our tractor club – The Harry Ferguson Tractor Club of Australia (HFTC).

We get a great array of tractors and implements for Easter Monday’s static display. Members attending this year travelled from interstate, including one from Tasmania, as well as Victoria.  There were 26 tractors with implements; being disc ploughs, mouldboard ploughs, tillers, a saw-bench,  a winch, carryalls, trailer, an industrial motor, harrows, and a front mounted blade.  Mervyn Smith from Yarroweyah won this years Mitre 10 prize for his TEA tractor and carryall, presented by Bill Willett from the Molyullah Sports Committee.   The members visiting this area enjoy the scenic treks run on the days prior to the sports. This year saw 20 tractors travelling the back roads and tracks to a lovely lunch at Glenrowan before returning to Molyullah via a different route.

 Our Club HFTC have over 1400 members Australia wide.  We operate under one committee.  The Club produces a bi-monthly magazine sent to all our members within not only Australia, but also to clubs in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The aim of the club is for members to restore tractors, implements and memorabilia.     

Since joining the club I have travelled in every state with tractors.  To name some:  crossing the Simpson Desert twice,  treks in Tasmania twice, attending Sheffield and Sassafras Vintage displays; the National Rally in WA, to Alice Springs Trucking Hall of Fame twice, and last year to the northern tip of Australia – Cape York.   I have travelled approximately 8000 kilometres on these tractor treks. On most treks we average between 12 and 30 tractors, with support vehicles following along behind.

The little grey tractors are very reliable. Most of the tractors within the club, range from 66 to 57 years old.  To my knowledge, on big treks, we have only ever towed one tractor any distance (200 km into Alice Springs) because of a broken rocker.  Fuel economy at 20 km per hour for petrol tractors is approx. 34 litres per 100 km.  Grey diesel tractors average 20 litres for the same distance.  The price paid for fuel on our recent Cape York trek was up to $2.78 per litre.

The HFTC has assisted Parks Victoria at Wyperfield National Park (in The Big Desert) for one week per year; ripping rabbits, grading tracks and tree planting for the past 4 years; with plans to go back this year.  The Flood of Fergies Event at Wentworth Victoria in 2006, saw 320 Fergie tractors with scoops attending. 

We, as club members, attend local shows, field days, street parades, and fundraising events.  We like showing and driving our tractors on all occasions, discussing our club, while encouraging new members to join in the fun and camaraderie. 

Molyullah is a great country event. Don’t miss next years Easter Monday Sports. Hope to see you there.

Geoff Lee  - Molyullah

Delatite Co-Ordinator for HFTC